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Creative projects have taken me in directions I would never have imagined. The travel book series, Born To Shop, came to life as a travel diary, chic-lit style.

Bantam Books made it into a series and two of us stuck with the project long term, (My co-author is still doing them). We traveled the world reporting on where to find everthing from Couture to flea market to designer discount. Some of the unique, funky, fun, and unusual items we found are still in my home.

But I wasn't always a fashionista. After graduating college, I pursued a career as an actress in New York City. I hung out at Joe Allen with the best of the gypsies, and did stints off and on Broadway. While shooting a commercial, I met my husband. We consequently moved to Los Angeles where he founded a commercial real estate development company, we had two darling children, and the Born To Shop series was born.

I've been writing a lifestyle-with-a-twist and travel column for Pittsburgh Magazine in which I share the funny/fun adventures of a baby boomer willing to go anywhere and try anything (sortof) at least once.

Which leads to my new project: GLAM-MA, a series of books, articles, and multimedia ventures for those of us boomers looking to enjoy our lives and re-invent what grandparenting is all about. Follow along as the project develops.

My first venture is a book, written with my daughter Lauren, called She Said, She Said exploring the new art of being a mother to .....a mother. If you thought being the mother of a teenager was worth every grey (bleached blonde or brunette) hair on your head just wait. Learning to speak Sanskrit would be easier. My daughter feels the same way and so we are learning to doggy paddle together.