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Harry for the Holidays
Pittsburgh Penguins Hometown Hunk
He knows it all for real
The Director of the Warhol Museum discusses November 22, 1963: Image, Memory, Myth
The "godfather of gore" gives us his secret to being scary.
Read about Bill Strickland's plan to change the world through arts and education.
It's not easy being green.

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Jane Fonda on Her Third Act

September 3, 2014

Tags: Jane Fonda, Ted Talks, aging, Third Act, Glamma, grandparent, grandparenting, grandma

I've discovered the Ted Talks online....they are free and brilliant. On so many subjects I could watch all day. However, there is one area of personal interest to this Glamma and that is aging. I am a Glamma because I feel like I am young and don't want to be stereotyped as being "old". My grandmother as wonderful as she was....was OLD. She thought old, acted old and therefore was perceived as being old.

Our generation of grandmothers don't feel that way. Hopefully the following link works to see Jane Fonda discuss her Third Act. If not, go to the Ted Talks website and search for Jane Fonda. You will feel re-energized!

Fashion Tips for the GlamMa Girdle

November 11, 2011

Tags: plastic surgery, fashion

It is an odd fact of life that past menopause something happens to the middle of our bodies. Like a balloon, we expand. The trick is what to do about it. My grandmother wore a girdle. I wear spanks.

One option is surgery. Liposuction and a tummy tuck will give you a new middle, but is it worth the extensive recovery time?


Dining Tips for GlamMa Sanity in a restaurant

October 1, 2010

Tags: Toddlers, Dining

Call me old fashioned but I believe children should learn to "dine" in a nice restaurant at an early age. Granted this process will require the patience of a saint and the fleet footedness of a gazelle, but when it works...ahhhhhhh. To accomplish this you will need the following:

Bribes (more…)

Ross Thomas Winner of Steeltown Entertainment's Film Factory Contest

April 6, 2010

Tags: Ross Thomas, Steeltown Entertainment, Steeltown Film Factory, Three Rivers Film Festival

After Months of competition the winners have been announced and the grand prize of $25,000 has been awarded to two very talented and different of whom is ROSS THOMAS for his script, Anywhere But Here. He will be directing and producing the movie this summer!!!!!! The premier will be at The Three Rivers Film Festival in October 2010. (more…)


June 8, 2009

Updates on: